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The Erasmus University of Rotterdam is public university named after Desiderius Erasmus, the father of academic achievement in Rotterdam. Overlooking the river Maas, it is strategically located in Rotterdam where it is accessible by all the major cities in Europe like London, Brussels, Berlin, and Paris.

The university's history goes as far back as 1913 during the founding of the Netherlands School of Commerce. The school was founded to accommodate the growing demand for skilled workers in the city. It later became the Netherlands School of Economics in 1939 to carry out the city's desire to have higher education institutions focused on economics and commerce. The Netherlands School of Economics quickly expanded its curriculum over the next few decades. The Foundation for Higher Clinical Education was added to the school in 1950. It constructed a complete medical study system, which gave rise to the Medical Faculty Rotterdam beside Dijkzigt Hospital in 1966. The school also added new faculties such as Law and Social Sciences; History and Arts; Philosophy; and Business Administration. The Erasmus University of Rotterdam was founded after the merger of the Netherlands School of Economics and the Medical Faculty Rotterdam in 1973.

Today, the Erasmus University of Rotterdam is the top university in the Netherlands. It has over 53,000 students, with over 24,000 new enrollees each year. Over 2,000 international students come to the university to pursue their post-graduate and doctorate studies. It ranked 20 among the top European universities and ranked 64 among the top universities in the world according to the Times Higher Education Supplement. It is accredited by the credible management organizations like AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS. These accreditations were only given to a few other business schools, which makes Erasmus University Rotterdam a top business education provider. The university has connections to around 225 universities around the world and actively participates in information exchange programs with other high-profile universities. The university believes in social engagement, academic curiosity, and critical reflection. It is known for valuing academic training and critical thinking on an international scale. It also gives priority to the country's current social situations and health needs, aside from furthering its expertise in management issues.

The Erasmus University of Rotterdam is divided into three main domains: Law, Culture and Society; Economics and Management; and Medicine and Health Sciences. These domains are further divided into the following eight departments:
  • Erasmus School of Economics and Business Economics
  • Erasmus School of Law
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • Faculty of History and Arts
  • Erasmus MC
  • Rotterdam School of Management
  • Institute of Health Policy and Management

The university has various facilities such as libraries with vast collections of research and published materials, student sports centres, banks, bookshops, cafes, and even baggage lockers. A number of lecture halls, convention centres, and research laboratories can be found around the campus.


To help local and international students better adjust to university life, the Erasmus University of Rotterdam offers various facilities such as cafes, clinics, bookshops, libraries, lockers, and banks strategically placed around the campus grounds.

Students can rent baggage lockers at the Woudestein complex or at the Winkelstraat. The rental fees for the baggage lockers are affordable and can be paid daily, every two weeks, or every month. Students who want to avail of this facility should know that bags and other personal items left unclaimed after 10:30 PM will be dropped off at the C Hall's central reception area.

Banks and cash dispensing facilities can be found all over the university. ABN-AMRO and Postbank cash dispensers can be found at the Woudestein campus. Students can use the dispensers to withdraw money using their bank cards. The campus has at least five more cash dispensers and bank branches for more accessibility. However, students cannot go to the bank branches in the campus to change, withdraw, or deposit money. They can do these transactions in the off-campus bank branches in Rotterdam. The bank branches inside the campus have changing operating hours. Students can visit the campus information centre to find out their opening and closing hours.

The Donner EUR bookstore is located in the Woudestein shopping area. Students can purchase their required readings and literature material during the semester there. The Donner EUR bookstore also accommodates advance orders for readings in all courses except in the medical programmes. Medical books can be ordered or bought at the Donner Lijnbaan located in the heart of Rotterdam.

The meals are supplied by a catering company, which provides food at the university complexes, coffee bars, and self-service restaurants located all over the campus. They also serve the students and faculty who need catering services for small meetings or large receptions.

A number of self-service restaurants can be found all over the campus like the De Etude, De Carrousel, De Smitse, De Etage, and Maria's Cantina. Most of these self-service restaurants are open all day and night. Students can also hold small meetings and group studies in coffee bars like the Het Recept or the espresso bar which are both located at the university's EC wing.

Small meetings or large conventions are usually held at the Erasmus Expo and Congress Centre. It is equipped with the latest devices for audio visual use. It is used for holding private functions, lectures, and public academic gatherings. The Erasmus Expo and Congress Centre is located at the Woudestein campus beside the Van Brienenoord Bridge.

The university has a men's and women's hairdresser called Hair Design by Lydia located at Building C. It is open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday to Friday. It gives a special price for senior citizens and university students who want to avail of its services.
The Erasmus University of Rotterdam is a non-smoking facility, but smoking areas are designated in all the campus buildings. These smoking areas are sealed to prevent secondhand smoke from escaping. Anyone caught smoking outside these areas are fined.

Famous Students

The Erasmus University of Rotterdam boasts of a number of former students who have made a name for themselves in the politics and business. Some of its famous students in the field of business are Ferd AS CEO Johan Andersen, AXA Netherlands Board Chairman Jan van den Berg, Lilly Neuroscience Products president Bert van den Bergh, and Royal Dutch Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer. UN High Commissioner and former Dutch Prime minister Rudd Lubbers and UN Special Representative Jan Pronk are two of the university's famous students known in politics.

International applicants may course their inquiries through telephone by calling +31 10 408 1111. Prospective students who have questions regarding admission requirements, course offerings, and special examinations can be coursed through the Erasmus Student Service Centre at +31 (0) 10 408 23 23.

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