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About Rotterdam, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Rotterdam is the second largest Dutch city located beside the North Sea. In its early days, it was a lively port where businesses were conducted and goods were exchanged. The city remains the largest port in the world. It is an hour's drive from Amsterdam and a 30-minute drive from The Hague.

A city rich in history, Rotterdam is full of architectural wonders and museums. It can easily be toured on foot or by using Rotterdam's efficient public transportation. From Rotterdam, visitors can tour the nearby Dutch cities or marvel at Rotterdam's post war architecture and harbour.

What to do in Rotterdam

Because of Rotterdam's vast flat plains, visitors can explore the city on foot. For longer distances and locations, they can take the bus, metro, taxi, or tram to any part of the city and neighboring Dutch cities. Of course bicycles are also a ubiquitous chioce in Holland. Rotterdam has museums, historical landmarks, parks, and galleries that can give visitors a taste of its rich culture. To get a feel of its busy port life, visitors can check out the harbour where tankers and ships can be found. On cloudless days, they can enjoy walking through the city's sprawling parks.

Tourist Attractions

One of Rotterdam's most popular tourist attractions is the Euromast Tower, which gives visitors a full aerial view of the city and the harbour. Going to the Delft Harbour and Old Harbour can give visitors a glimpse of the city's war history. These harbours are now lined with cafés and galleries, which make them popular relaxation spots. Nature lovers can visit the Arboretum Trompenburg, a botanical garden with a vast collection of trees and flowers gathered from all over the world. Visitors can also tour the houses of Anne Frank and famous painter Rembrandt.

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